Case Studies

Energy-saver solution

Transforming time-draining, disjointed software development to freeing, expert platform customization and implementation
A leading one-stop platform for suppliers in the energy industry found themselves expending too much time and energy on customizing their off-the-shelf product. Freelance developers didn’t help much when it came to implementing the software, resulting in overworked owners, underperforming software, and no resources for important things – like growing the business.

Marbelz Tech introduced a solid management process (utilizing an agile/scrum approach), launched an internal ticketing system, and assembled a full team consisting of business analysts, designers, developers, quality assurance and product owners/managers, who successfully built a fully customized software platform, of which some features include (but not limited to):

◆ Interfacing programmatically with outside entities (via API and webhooks)
◆ Collating and storing millions of data points daily
◆ A robust pricing engine
◆ A complex proposal & contracting system interfacing with Docusign (for e-signatures)
◆ Commission engine
◆ Multiple reports and dashboards
◆ A user & role driven user interface (different features for different users, based on configurations)

Lower Watt

From growing pains to growing gains

Replacing less-than-helpful piecemeal adjustments with a customized workflow solution for efficient, cohesive teamwork.
At first, this energy supply sales brokerage company managed their business via spreadsheets and Trello boards. With the rapid growth of the company, however, came an increasingly urgent need for a product that could do more than the standard off-the-shelf or semi-custom solutions offered. The management and employees quickly grew frustrated with unsuccessful attempts to customize various platforms.

Through our three-step process and constant – weekly and often bi-weekly – meetings and communication, Marbelz Tech studied their processes and preferences to build a brand-new, fully custom platform designed to interface smoothly with one of the industry’s leading platforms.

The CEO and administration now spend less time worrying about their software and more time brainstorming and implementing their initiatives, while the company-wide atmosphere is pleasant, calm, and efficiently communicative across their unified platform.
Nonprofit (re)organization

Infusing an oldie-but-goodie with the updates and smooth operation of modern-day technology, with an eye to the future
The nonprofit social media giant had a global presence, and a global problem: an outdated platform that made it difficult for users and administrators alike to navigate.

Luckily, Marbelz Tech thinks globally, too. We sourced a team of developers, designers, and testers to completely rewrite the platform and applications that had been built up and supported for over a decade, generating a vastly-improved user interface and straightforward usage for every visitor.
Open door policy

Keeping the lines of communication open at all times for ultimate client confidence and satisfaction
As an entrepreneur in the Fin Tech industry, our client is an expert in his field, but less proficient in the software sphere. While working with a development firm, he appointed Marbelz Tech to ensure that he received the product best suited to his requirements.

Our team served as consultant, mediator, and tech translator, overseeing the software development and implementation, mitigating issues as they arose, and maintaining open lines of communication, facilitating collaboration while promoting realistic, achievable goals.

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