Why Marbelz?

To put it simply, we’re all about you.

Your business. Your goals. Your preferences. Your satisfaction.

We’ve spent years perfecting our business model so that we can perfect yours. With a wide range of experience in various industries (from energy to healthcare, finance to construction, social networking to boutique jewelry), we have sharply-honed business acumen and the innovative mindset you need to propel your business from cookie-cutter to industry standout.

Our Process

When one-size-fits-all tech doesn’t actually fit your needs, Marbelz Tech works together with you to provide innovative solutions to address your needs, develop your vision, and achieve your goals.

Our comprehensive three step process transforms your current inefficient - or nonexistent - process into a smoothly running tech solution that will revolutionize your business.

Step 1

Discovery & Strategy

Before embarking on the quest to improve your business, it’s crucial to identify your strengths, challenges, and goals. After all, you can’t create a roadmap without knowing where you are – and where you’re going.

First, we dive deep into your current processes and existing solutions. As we probe the depths together, we help you define and document your priorities and requirements (often unveiling some that you may have overlooked) and suggest multiple solutions, clearly outlining the advantages of each.

Once we’ve pinpointed your goals and discovered potential creative solutions, we’ll set to work assembling a brilliant team of professionals – developers, testers, analysts, production experts, support consultants, among others – handpicked from our global network of resources to suit your specific needs, overseen by our in-house business analyst.

Step 2

Development & Testing

The action-packed stage is next: bringing your vision to life. But we don’t wait until it’s all done to present it to you; we’re all part of a team here. We remain in constant communication throughout the development phase so that you can let us know what you think as it comes together.

Our agile/scrum project management and rigorous QA testing allows you to monitor your software’s progress and suggest changes at any time during the design creation and production process. We integrate your feedback as we hone your perfect product.

Don’t worry if you’re not fluent (or illiterate) in tech-speak; we’ll explain everything in clear terms to everyone on your team, regardless of tech-savviness or lack thereof. All communication is clear and straightforward with a single point of contact, representing your all-star team, ensuring that not a single detail is overlooked.

Step 3

Release & Support

Once it’s ready to go, we run a thorough user evaluation to guarantee that your completed software is bug-free, user-friendly, and prepared to seamlessly integrate with various systems. And we’re not the only ones – as the business owner, you test the final product before it goes live so that you can launch with supreme confidence.

Your custom-made software is constructed to save you time, money, and stress through thoughtful design, automation capabilities, and advancement readiness so that it can grow with your business. And we’ll stay on to make sure everything’s running smoothly, supporting you throughout the release and post-release period and staying close by when you’re ready to update.

A few of the usual questions.

Marbelz Tech builds custom software for small and mid-sized businesses (like yours!) that have grown beyond off-the-shelf solutions. We’re also a cool team of friendly, tech-loving experts driven by customer happiness and darn good software.


I needed a third party to guide me through the technical decision-making and development oversight that was beyond my scope of ability. Raphi is perpetually honest and always goes above and beyond the call of duty to look out for me. I feel confident in my development team despite my limited knowledge of the field.

Charles S., Entrepreneur

When our previous programmer was unable to continue, we needed continued support and development. Under Raphi’s supervision, our system has improved and grown exponentially, and we know that he is always available to help, guide, and support us through issues and updates.

Abe Mostofsky, Director of Financial Operations
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